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San Antonio, Texas; a Military town.

The first military airplane flew at Ft. Sam Houston.

  •  Eddie Rickenbacker learned how to fly at Brooks Field in World War I.
  • The Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Astronauts were trained for the rigors of space flight at Brooks Air Force Base. 
  • Cols. Travis and Bowie, General Houston,  General John J. Pershing , Generals McArthur, Patton, Eisenhower  and others  are part of the historical record of San Antonio.

The Presidio de Bexar (be' har) served as the seat of government and headquarters of military power in Colonial Texas, and became the focal point of the battle for independence from Mexico through the historic Battle of San Antonio (Dec 1835) setting up for the siege of the Alamo (Feb 1836).  A strategic center during the epic wars between Native Americans and the U.S. Calvary, the military presence in San Antonio is unbroken for nearly 300 years.  Regional headquarters for Conquistadors, Texas Rangers, Confederate and Yankee troops, and serving as the recruiting and training grounds for Teddy Rooseveltís Rough Riders, San Antonioís military history is a colorful as its many fiestas and festivals. 

From the earliest, San Antonio has cared for the military and their families under the six flags of Spain, France, Mexico, The Republic of Texas, The Confederate States of America and of course, The United States of Americaís fighting forces and their families.